Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cinquain by Silun, Jr.

Bears, Foxes
Freezing, Blowing, Changing
Don't forget your warm clothes
Arctic Circle

Cinquain by Silun, Jr.

Polar Bear
White, Muscular
Roaming, Hunting, Killing
Do not disturb them

Cinquain by Ahparaq

Village, Eskimo
Caring, Helping, Hunting
Respectful Inupiaq People
Barter Island

Cinquain by Apun

Long, Whale
Swimming, Eating, Diving
Spraying water from his blowholes

Cinquain by Avu

Man-eating, Predator
Killing, Destroying, Distrusting
Do not get close

Cinquain by Tooluk

Barter Island
Village, Community
Whaling, Dancing, Living
A respectful place

Cinquain by Panigak

Red, Quick
Running, Hunting, Leaping
It is a smart hunter.

Cinquain by Apun

Fast, Scary
Speeding, Digging, Crawling
Some people are scared of them.

Cinquain by Meeyok

Pod, Melon
Swimming, Training, Beaching
Big white torpedo

Cinquain by Ahluk

Fast, Gray
Running, Growling, Sneaking
Amazing wild arctic cat
Mountain Lion

Cinquain by Apun

Sing, Chirp
Caring, Teaching, Flying
They let us know spring is coming

Cinquain by Nanuq

Fast, Tiny
Sprinting, Scaring, Speeding
Reminds me of hamsters

Cinquain by Atqaan

White, Brown
Hunting, Jumping, Sneaking
Uses camouflage to catch their prey

Cinquain by Libik

Tasty, Animal
Eating, Running, Charging
Lives on the tundra

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Beginning as a Hunter by Libik

Camping with family
At first fish hole
Longer days

First animal
In the mountains
22 long shot rifle

Return to cabin
Plucked feathers
Proud of me

Inupiat traditional
Given to elder
Eunice Sims

My New Environment by Apun

Tundra puddles everywhere
Village houses standing on stilts
Cars spraying dust in the air
Kids joyfully riding Hondas
Gooey jellyfish pushed by waves
Racing waves with my friends
Chasing lemmings through the grass
Blizzards happening way too often
Snowpants, boots, gloves and hats bundled up in tons
of combinations
Umiaq boats being made
Respecting elders
Learning Inupiat every day
Butchering whales in the fall
Watching polar bears chomp on leftover whale meat
Making friends of a different culture

New Beginning by Tooluk

Snowbirds whistling
Chick chirping
Ducks flying
Ducklings learning

People hunting
Children pretending
Families camping
Kids playing

Seals swimming
Whales singing
Youth helping
People cooperating

Children sharing
Mothers caring
Fathers providing
Elders teaching

White Foxes by Atqaan

Before they learned to use camouflage, the white fox was always brown. He lived in the arctic where it was winter most of the year.

The brown fox wasn’t able to catch any prey. So, he rolled around in the snow and he turned white. He blended in with the snow and finally caught something good to eat. The snow would begin to wear off and he’d have to cover up again and again. Soon his fur began to grow in white. He liked being white automatically.

In the spring and summer his white fur was a problem. He wished that he was brown again. So, he rolled around in the mud and he turned brown. He blended in with the tundra and finally caught something good to eat. The mud would wear off and he’d have to cover up again and again. Soon his fur began to grown in brown. He liked being brown automatically.

When it was winter again his fur turned white. He liked that his fur always camouflages him now. That is how the white fox got his camouflage.

New Spring Beginning by Ahluk

Sun gets beautiful
Weather warms up
Snow melts
Tundra and beach start to show
Fish for herring and char
Flowers and grasses grow
Ducks fly by
Kids play out (no more indoors)
Picnics at the beach
School gets out
Chicks, cubs, and kits are born
Camping in the mountains
Ice cracks and moves away
Caribou are hunted
Can’t wait to go boating
Longer and longer days

NEW SCHOOL by Panigak

New classroom
New teachers
New rules
New teacher aide
New grade
New books
New bus driver
New lessons


Flying away from family
Landing in a village
Keeping warm when it’s below zero
Living in a small community

Hanging out at the playground
Learning Inupiaq
Playing in the Little Dribblers’ Tournament
Sledding on snow drifts

Watching whales being butchered
Watching nanuqs at the whale bones
Looking at foxes as they leap into their holes
Chasing lemmings

Walking on the tundra
Racing waves
Fishing on the ice at Ikoagvik Lake
Finding ice cracks

Riding with the dog sled team
Flying in little planes
Snowmobiling on the tundra
Riding Hondas back and forth

Staring at the Eskimo dancers and drummers
Sharing at the feasts
Getting an Eskimo name
Gazing at the beautiful northern lights

Monday, March 23, 2009

My White Dog by Avu

She loves prunes
And is as white as the moon.

She stands by my side
With absolute pride.

Every day she plays
Sometimes she’ll run for days.

When she’s been nice
We pay her a tasty price.

When she’s been bad
We send her to the pad.

But we love that dog
My white dog.

My Teacher Jill by Avu

You are so nice
Like a soothing device.

Your mind is filled with stuff
Sometimes it huffs and puffs.

But your all good
Just like you should

You are an aunt
With a dog that pants.

A busy body is okay
I’ll help you make it through the day.
We respect her in every way!

My Teacher Jill

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why the Giraffe Has a Long Neck

A long time ago giraffes started out with short necks just like dogs and cats. One day, the giraffes gathered together and had a meeting about what to eat and also where to get it. They all agreed to try leaves from trees. So, all the giraffes went to the trees that were twenty feet tall. The leaves were too high, but the giraffes were so curious about how the leaves tasted that they tried hard to reach them. They tried so hard that all of the giraffes had ten feet tall necks. That is the answer to why the giraffe has a long neck. --By Apun

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Spirit Days by Nanuq

Our school has dress up days to show school spirit. On Crazy Hair Day I had my hair standing up straight as a pencil. I didn't have any hair gel, so I used toothpaste to keep it up. I wore sunglasses and so did Mollie with her crazy hair. I asked, "Who are you?" It was radical. I had so much fun that day. It was the funnest dress up day in my life. I wish we could have one like it again.

One Winter Day by Ahluk

Ben, Mollie and I went for a ride on a sled. It was after a humungous blizzard. We saw four arctic foxes. We cruised to the dump. I was amazed because we went hardcore fast. The wind whipped my face. It was awesome to go that fast. On the side of the island we found a big crack that Mollie almost fell into. I was thankful for my uncle taking us with him on a ride with the big sled.

Spelling Bee Winners by Atqaan

Nathaniel and I both won the Harold Kaveolook School Spelling Bee. Nathaniel was the first place winner and I was the runner up. It was my first time ever in my whole school career to win a spelling bee!! I was sooo excited! I would be the representative if Nathaniel couldn't go to the District Spelling Bee. I was the most excited person on earth!

My Community by Ahluk

My community.

Elders singing,
Kids dancing,
Parents watching,
Families celebrating.

Polar bears hunting,
Arctic foxes prancing,
Seals sunning,
Tuttu munching.

Northern lights dancing,
Moon smiling,
Sun shining,
Fog blinding.

Culture growing,
Nature changing.

My community.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Community by Kunniak

My Community.

Trucks revving,
Children sliding,
Kids riding,
Weather changing.

Eskimos feasting,
Relatives playing,
Families celebrating,
Everyone dancing.

Hunters hunting,
Crews whaling,
Women singing,
Village sharing.

Town changing,
Culture remaining.

My community.

My Community by Avu

My community.

Seal hunting,
Polar bears grunting,
Foxes prancing,
We are dancing.

Humor laughing,
Stars flashing,
Lights dancing,
Midnight sun lighting.

Eskimo dancing,
Families feasting,
Christmas games playing,
Potluck meeting.

My community.

My Community by Apun

My community.

Kids playing,
Kickballs flying,
Basketballs swishing,
Snowball making.

Bingo playing,
Elders singing,
Adults caring,
Parents loving.

Tails wagging,
Dogs walking,
Puppies barking,
Pets adoring.

Whalers sharing,
family's giving.

My community.

Meyook's Whale Story

We catch bowhead whales for food. Our crew is called Browers' crew. Crews try to catch three whales in the autumn. We celebrate whaling. We have a feast and Eskimo dance. I help cut the whale and eat it. It is good. On Thanksgiving and Christmas we have feasts and we eat whale.

Toolook's Long Weekend

This is how I spent my three-day weekend. I went snow machine riding, saw some friends, and played with Doe-Doe. Also, I visited Isaiah.

I went snow machine riding with my cousin, Doe-Doe. We went all around town. When I was riding I saw Nathaniel and Nicholas. They were pulling a jet sled and Austin was in it. Doe-doe and I saw Nathaniel and Nicholas all over town.

When I stayed up late, Doe-Doe and I played Wii. On the Wii we played Wii Play, Mario, and Sonic at the Olympic games. After playing Wii, I was fixing my hair really funny and weird. It was sticking straight up.

At Isaiah’s house we played his Xbox 360. We played Saints Row Two. We could do a lot of cheats on it. You can get weapons and vehicles. You can turn into a giant and there is this game called Insurance Fraud. When you get hurt you can get a lot of money.

This is how I spent my fun weekend. I went ski-doo riding and hung out with Doe-Doe.I also went to go visit Isaiah. It was great to stay up late and sleep in.

Atqaan's Weekend

I spent my weekend playing my 360. The games I played were Saints Row 2, which is a mature 17, Kung Fu Panda, Call of Duty 4 online, Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures and Dragon Ball Z.

On Saints Row 2 you have to kill people! It’s super awesome!!! Better then any game in the world…in my opinion. There’s even an activity called crowd control!! On crowd control you have to protect the super star and you have to keep the crazed fans from hurting the super star! If the super star gets hurt too much… you fail!!! There’s even a activity called insurance fraud!!!!

Kung Fu Panda is fun because you fight enemies. Sometimes when you fight them real good you get coins. If you get enough coins you can get a new outfit! There’s even a level where you have to fly away from a big crocodile. It’s scary! Even the crocodile has good moves, man! Better than master cranes!

Call of Duty 4 is my second favorite. It’s almost like Saints Row 2, but different because it’s a war. Call of Duty 4 also has really awesome levels! I hate the first level and the last level. They’re scary! Call of Duty 4 is cool because they have a super humungous war.

The only one I didn’t play this weekend was Extreme Hunting 09! Its super scary! You want to know what you have to do first? I will tell you. First, you have to fight a bear!

I love playing my 360. It is good to play when the weather is cold and you have to stay inside. I love my games and am good at going through the levels.

My Community by Ahparaq

My Community

Friends learning,
Teachers grading,
I’m writing,
Classmates trying.

Stars twinkling,
Northern lights dancing,
Elders smiling,
Kids whistling.

Kaktovik knowing,
Community growing,
Culture learning,
Eskimos uniting.

Culture gaining,
Language training.

My Community

My Autobiography by Tooluk

My name is Georgianna. My Eskimo name is Tooluk (too-look). I’m 10 years old. I was born on August 19, 1998. My sibling are Melanie, Larry and John. My parents are Philip and Annie. I’m special because I stay with my aaka Clara.

My favorite thing to eat are French fries, caribou soup, sheep meat, and mashed potatoes. I also like to Eskimo dance and eat native foods. I even like to go camping or go picnicking at campgrounds. I like to go ski-doo riding, boat riding, and Honda riding.

Some things that I don’t like are math and supreme pizza rolls. I don’t like it when people are mean to each other. I also don’t like it when people die.

I try to be safe, but I have been in a Honda crash, a motorcycle crash, and a snow machine crash. I have also survived a snowy blizzard.

I am a pretty good girl. My family is proud of me and my teacher likes me. I am proud of my culture and I love to Eskimo dance.

My Community by Atqaan

Kids learning,
Birds flying,
People hunting,
Crews whaling.

Island changing,
Elders storytelling,
Adults celebrating,
Ocean warming.

Car driving,
Snowmachine riding,
Ocean boating,
Plane flying.

White fox watching,
Polar bears visiting.

My community.

My Community by Nanuq

My community.

Kids playing,
Grownups calling,
Dogs barking,
School starting.

Snow tumbling,
Snow machines roaring,
People shoveling,
Icicles dripping.

Polar bears roaring,
Arctic foxes running,
Wolves howling,
Caribou snorting.

Whaling crews sharing,
Everyone feasting.

My community.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Matt Lewis Visits HKS

Matt Lewis came to our school and showed us how to play the guitar and sing songs all day long. It was so much fun. He sang the fast song and showed us how easy it was to play a song. -- Avu

One day we had the Matt Lewis Band come to our school. Matt and Cameron are the guitarists and Matt is the singer. They have a few CDs. They can make up songs so fast. In about a minute they made a song about our school. Matt had such a great voice and vocals. When we sang it was just amazing. -- Siliun

Swimming at HKS

Swimming is a really fun sport because you're in the water feeling good. Our pool has a basketball rim. Most people play on the rim because it is low. The pool height is 3 feet deep. They don't want anyone to drown. -- Atqaan

We went swimming during our Journey to the Center of the Earth celebration. When I got in the pool I felt a chill, but I got used to it in time. I like to dive when I'm still in the water. I love the dolphin dive. I am really good at that one. --Avu

The pool at our school is awesome. We just got a new filter so the pool is clear. When you are in the pool it is super warm. There is a basketball hoop that is about 6 feet tall. The pool is only 3 feet full of water. Sometimes we have dunk contests. We even have 3 point challenges and long range shots. The pool has a lot of things to do. I can even do a back flip two times in a row. --Siliun Jr.

Snowmachine Riding

Going ski-doogaq is really fun! Whenever I see a jump or a bump I cruise! I take it and boom I am high in the air. When I'm in the air the air feels good on a sunny day. --Atqaan

One day while I was getting ready to go to my friend's house, my aapa showed up. He was sitting on his ski-doo and he wanted me to go with him. I asked my dad if it was okay and started to get on. While he was starting it, it roared! We started to jump across the lagoon at 30 mph. We went on the run way and it was awesome. I saw my teacher at the whale bones. When we started going down the runway it was like a plane, but we were only going 85 mph! -- Siliun, Jr.

Arctic Tern Report

Arctic Terns are seabirds. They are use to life by the sea. It lives one summer in the north and one summer in the south. They have the longest migration of any known animal.

Arctic Terns are about 13-15 inches long and they have a wingspan of 26-30 inches. They live a long time, about 30 years. They eat mainly fish. They also eat shrimp, krill, or insects and small invertebrates.

They are mostly gray and white with a red beak and feet. Their head has a black nape and crown, white cheeks, and a white forehead. Their tail is forked. The males and female look very similar.

In the northern summer they are seen along the coast. It breeds in the Arctic. In the southern summer they are at sea, all the way down by the southern edge of the Antarctic ice. They experience more sunlight than any other animal. Arctic Terns usually migrate far offshore. They are rarely seen from land outside except during the breeding season. Arctic Terns hardly ever land, so they eat while they are flying.

By by Kukulan and Ms. Jill

Arctic Terns mate for life. They lay one to three eggs, most often two. They live in big groups called colonies.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mandi's Autobiography

My name Is Mandi. I am an Eskimo and my Eskimo name is Ahparuk. Most adults say they want to be my age, 11. Where I live is cold, small, but beautiful. It is a village, Kaktovik, mostly known as Barter Island. I have two younger siblings. Caitlin is my sister and Marcus is my brother. Would you like to meet my parents? Okay, here they are… Mary is my mom and Michael is my dad. I am the oldest child in my family!

What is your favorite season? Well… my favorite season is summer! I live summer because it is nice and warm. We can do lots of things in the summer like bike riding, Styrofoam boating, and other sorts of stuff! What do you like about summer? I like a lot of things about summer!

I hate it when there are big, I mean a big, copycats. I also hate getting hurt. In 2008 I got in a snowmobile accident! My foot got stuck in the back track of the snowmobile. It hurt like crazy! Well… I never want to get hurt again. Oh yeah, I forgot to say I dislike bullies.

I love going to school. I really enjoy math and writing. I also like working on my laptop. PE is good for me. I am proud to be a Harold Kaveolook School Ram and I can’t wait to play basketball and volleyball in middle school and high school.
When I grow up I’d like to work in an office and be a business person. I love filling out paperwork and organizing things. I like my life in Kaktovik and I’m looking toward the future.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Barter Island by Panigak

The village of Kaktovik is on Barter Island. Polar bears come here to eat on the whale bones. We to go school here. Many Inupiat Eskimos live here. The island is frozen most of the time. Planes fly in and out. Boats go in and out of the lagoon in the summer time. Sometimes we have blizzards.

Kunniaq's Barter Island Acrostic Poem

Best island ever
Always seeing whales
Rare arctic animals
Tails are always wagging
Everlasting traditions
Rural living

Independent people
Seal skins are good to use
Love and respect elders
Arctic coast near the mountains
Native pride
Driving trucks, Hondas, ski-doos and boats

Kaktovik Acrostic Poem

Keep whaling
Arctic people
Kids play
Terrible blizzards
Often snowy
Village on an island
Interesting animals
Killing tuttu every summer for food

Siliun, Jr.'s Barter Island Acrostic Poem

Basketball island
A lot of polar bears
Ram village
Tiny, but fun
Enters your heart
Roaming foxes

Ignoring ice storms
Sparkling snow
Lots of snow
A beautiful place
North of the Arctic Circle
Demanding respect from all

Silun, Sr.'s Barter Island Acrostic Poem

Birds fly over the lagoon
Radical kids
Tuktak – fog hides the buildings
Eskimo culture
Respect for elders

Independent people
Sandy island
Land of Eskimo
Agviqs – bowhead whales
Natchiq - seal
Do not disrespect the land or people

Kunniak's Kaktovik Acrostic Poem

Kaktovik is the best village
Arctic is a good place for Inupiat people
Keeper of the culture
Top of Alaska
Ocean boating is exciting
Village where we live
Inupiat Culture
Kind people that respect each other

Kayutaq's Kaktovik Acrostic Poem

Kayutaq lives here
Alaska is awesome
Kids learn to hunt
Taught to eat Eskimo foods
Old culture
Village of the Inupiat
Inupiat island
Keeper of the culture

Ahluk's Kaktovik Acrostic Poem

Kind kids
Ahluk is my Eskimo name
Kids learn the culture
Taught to eat native food
Old people are respected
Village of Eskimos
Island in Alaska
Keeps traditions

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kaktovik by Nanuq

Kaktovik is a frozen land lost on the side of the ocean bank. It is 300 miles to the closest town. The Eskimos still use the tools they used a 1,000 years ago. They still hunt whales and other arctic animals for food and use some parts for tools.

Caitlin's Autobiography

My name is Caitlin. My Eskimo name is Kunniak. I’m eight years old. I live in Kaktovik, Alaska. I am the baby sister in my family, Mandy is 11 and Jennifer is 21. Jennifer lives in Minnesota. I also have a younger brother, Marcus. My parents’ names are Maryann and Michael.

I like to play boy games. I like to play with cars and motorcycles with my brother. He likes that. I like to draw on the board. I like to play PS3 games. I don’t like to play Barbies.

I like to have a healthy life. I go to evening rec almost every day. I don’t do drugs and I don’t like people that are bad.

This summer my Uncle Simon and my adada Thomas died while trying to pull in the boat when the water was rough. A wave came up to them and pushed them into the water. We had a sing-along at Kids’ Rec until they found them. It took four days to find them both. It was sad, but I survived and remember the good things about them.

I like myself and I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I might work in a restaurant while I go to college. I want to be a teacher because I can help kids learn to read, do math, and write better.

Ben's Autobiography

My name is Benjamin. My Eskimo name is Nanuq. It means polar bear and my Inupiat teacher in Barrow gave me that name. I am nine and my birthday is December 6, 1999. I live in Kaktovik, Alaska. It is an island in the Arctic Ocean. I am a single child. My mom moved when I was six months old. I live with my dad in Montana. My aunt is my legal guardian in Alaska. If I were to get killed, I don’t know what my family would do.

Someday when I grow up, I want to be a farm boy. I will have three horses and two will be buckskins. I’ll have buffalo sheep, gees, and loons. I’m going to have a big red barn and a farmhouse. I will have a shed in the stable for the horses and chickens. I will put my tools and the green tractor in the barn. I will buy a lot of hay and fields.

My favorite thing in life is gaming on the computer. I play Team Fortress, Battlefield 2142, and Counterstrike Source. Yes, they are all shooting games. My second favorite thing to do is to go shooting guns with my dad. I have a 22 and a pellet gun. My dad has a 22 and a shotgun. We go shooting in the mountains and shoot cans and targets. I use pointy and flat-headed bullets.

I like living in Montana and Alaska. My family loves me and I’m kind of spoiled. I get to do lots of fun things in my life.

Cody's Autobiography

Hello, my name is Cody. My Eskimo name is Siliun pronounced /sill-e-oon/ and I live in Kaktovik, Alaska. I am ten years old. My older brother Luke is two years older than me. My parents are Dave & Shelly, and they work at Harold Kavelook School. That is where I go to school. I am a very smart boy and I am one grade level above 5th grade in almost every subject.

My favorite thing to do is play outside. I would say my favorite animal would be the dog. My favorite food is pizza. I like plain cheese pizza!

The worst food I have ever tasted was soup made with cabbage, onion, turnip, mushroom, and tomato. I do not like people who are showoffs.

One thing I’ve had to live with is having my nana (great grandma) survive cancer. She has had cancer four times. She lives in Maine. She lives by the ocean, so we get lobster every year we go there. We have such a big feast. After that we go crabbing. I enjoy being with my great grandma and I am glad she is a cancer survivor.

My life is a pretty good life. My family hopes that I’ll have a good life my whole life. When I grow up I want to go to college. I might like to design airplanes or be some kind of technician. That is my dream.

Isaiah's Autobiography

My name is Isaiah and my Eskimo name is Atqaan. My age is eight and a half. I was born in Barrow, but live in Kaktovik, Alaska. My siblings are Bo, Clyde, Edna, Cathy, Bryanna, Marianne, and Ruby. I was adopted by Fenton and Elizabeth. I love my families.

My favorite thing to do is play Xbox 360. I am the master at playing it! I am the best in the family. I am the best at all games…in my family. The thing I don’t like to play is board games. They are so boring! They really stink!!

I survived riding a bike and crashed down a really humongous hill! I crashed down with my bike. I had a big bruise and I was bleeding like crazy. It was like getting shot! I was even knocked out. I was really scared. I was injured, but I survived.

I like my life because I live in Kaktovik. My life is like the best ever! My life is exciting. I can do tons of things here. I can slide down hills, hunt, playout, see polar bears, and ride Hondas and Ski-doos.

Michael's Autobiography

My name is Michael. My Eskimo name is Panigak. I am 9 years old. My birthday is on January 26th. I’m the oldest in my family with a younger brother, Troy, and baby sister, CoraAnn.

My favorite thing to do is play with my brother. I like to ride on the snowmachine. Playing out is a lot of fun for me.

I really don’t like to do chores. My mom gives me chores everyday. I have to take out the trash. It stinks!

I lived in Anchorage for almost two years. I’m glad that I’m back in Kaktovik. I like my teacher, Miss Jill. I am learning to read and I love to do math.

I like myself and I can’t wait to grow up. I want to be in the army when I’m big. My family will be proud of me.

Nick's Autobiography

My name is Nicholas. My Eskimo name is Ahluk. My birthday is on June 17th. I live in Kaktovik, Alaska with my family. I have one younger sister, Natasha. I have two older brothers, Nathan, Jr., and Nathaniel.

I enjoy eating traditional foods like tuttu (caribou), ducks, and ptarmigan. I also like to eat fruit like oranges and apples. I don’t like mashed potatoes, grouchy friends, or Mondays!

I am a good helper. I work with Sherry in the kitchen by getting juice and putting milk out. I also help clean up after activities that the school has. After school I work at the community center for Sherry. She says I’m a good helper.

Most of the time things are good for my family, but over Christmas my family got in a crash. We went on the side of the road and got stuck in the snow bank. We were stuck for a long time. It was a little bit scary.

My life is pretty good. I am proud of my culture and like to go hunting with my dad. When I grow up I want to be an artist. I’d like to learn to carve ivory and etch on baleen.

Jonas' Autobiography

My name is Jonas Robert Paul. My Eskimo name is Meyook. My birthday is on October 21st. I live in Kaktovik, Alaska. I have one older sister named Irene.

Anybody that knows me knows that I like whales. My dad is part of the Brower whaling crew. During whaling we celebrate whenever we catch a bowhead whale. I always help by bringing the maktak to the shack, taking samples with the biologist, and helping with the butchering. During school I love to read about and draw whales. My favorite to draw is the killer whale.

I remember catching my first fish and shooting my first duck. I am glad that I live in Kaktovik where Inupiat traditions happen. I like to whale, caribou, beluga, and ducks. I am proud to be Eskimo.

The scariest thing that has ever happened to me was when I broke my arm when I fell of a ladder trying to get my remote control car. Another scary time was when I got bit by my uncle’s dog.

I like living in Kaktovik, Alaska, with my family and friends. In the summer it is fun to go boating and we explore the tundra. In the winter I like to slide down the big hills and drifts.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alaska: North America's Bird Nursery Literature Contest

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students have been busy creating literature pieces for the 2010 Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar Contest. The following 12 posts are our final completed pieces. Please read through them and enjoy our students take on the "Alaska: North America's Bird Nursery" theme. Each piece is limited to a 60 word maximum and are meant to convey a positive conservation message related to migratory birds found on the North Slope.

Ms. Jill Exe

Alaska's Bird Nursery

Small birds,
Big birds,
Birds with flirty feathers come forth.
Many birds visit Alaska’s great north.
The bird nursery for every generation,
But we need your cooperation.
So help birds live healthy lives,
Prevent pollution so many birds will thrive.

By Sillun


Birds journey to visit us up north in the spring.
Birds fly over the tundra and the ocean.
Birds build their nests in safe places.
Birds wait for the eggs to hatch.
Birds like the long summer daylight.
Birds feed on plants and animals.
Birds journey south in the fall.

By Ahluk

Alaska’s Summer

Migrating birds love Alaska’s summer.
Wave goodbye to migrating birds.
Wonderful birds joyfully fill the sky.

Guard your babies from predators.
Feed them well.
Teach them to fly and be part of the flock.

Families on the tundra and in the air.
Flying high in the clouds.
It is the end of summer and time for you to go.

By Apun

Alaska: North America’s Bird Nursery

Birds fly north in the spring.
They eat from the tundra, lagoons, and ponds.
The adult birds make their nests.
Momma birds lay eggs in the nests.
The chicks hatch and grow all summer.
They head south.

By Panigak

Birds of Alaska

Birds arrive ready to hunt,
Some hoot, some whistle, and others grunt.

Most females have feathers that are brown,
And they nest around our town.

Baby chicks hatch in spring
And through the summer do their thing.

The adults won’t let the chicks be prey
Predators stay away!

The birds go south in the fall
Until the spring calls.

By Avu

Ducks and Birds

Ducks and birds come to flirt,
Protecting nests, on constant alert.

Camouflage feathers,
Sits on nest in all kinds of weather.

From the eggs chicks hatch,
Worms, insects, and prey they catch.

Hatched and raised in the north,
Around the world they go forth.

By Meyook

North in the Spring

All kinds of birds come north in the spring. Alaska is a great place to have their babies because of the long summer day, plenty of wide-open spaces, and enough food to grow healthy and strong chicks. Adults protect their young from predators. All kinds of birds migrate here early in the spring and stay until fall.

By Nanuq


Migrate toward the north,
Birds fly above the village,
Nest on tundra,
Eggs in nests,
Webbed feet paddle beneath the water,
Birds dive down on predators,
Chicks behind their mothers,
Flying around the tundra,
Migrate past us.

Alaska's Summer Birds

Birds come in the spring
Eggs in the nest hatch
Baby birds explore the tundra
Birds fly high in the air
Adults protect the chicks
Predators hunt
Chicks learn to fly
Flocks fly south in the fall

By Silun, Sr.

Snow Buntings of Alaska

I live in Alaska,
Where the Snow Buntings visit and sing la-la-la.

I’m excited the Snow Buntings are nesting,
And in a secret place the eggs are resting.

The adults perch up high,
Watching for predators to go by.

I want to watch the chicks learn to fly,
But, I don’t want to say, “Goodbye!”

Alaska's Birds

Birds fly everywhere.
They land on the tundra.
The mother lays the eggs in her nest.
The chicks hatch.
The birds eat and eat and eat.
The chicks grow bigger and bigger.
They learn to fly.
The fly back to where they came from.

Birds Come North

The birds come north to the top of Alaska. In the spring they fly over the mountains and tundra. They build their nests and incubate the eggs. Chicks eat and grow during the summer. Young birds learn to fly over ponds and lakes. Soon they will navigate their own way south.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Our boys and girls have worked hard to identify three resolutions, promises, for the new year. Below you will find their resolutions as they relate to academics, healthy lifestyles, and personal goals.

I resolve to never dismiss the importance of reading (Ahluk used one of his vocabulary words, dismiss, in his resolution).  I resolved to eat apples and oranges.  I resolve to do the dishes with my mom. - Ahluk

I resolve to practice to reading better.  I resolve to eat more vegetables.  I resolve to not eat candy for a month! - Kunniaq

I resolve to read everyday.  I resolve to try and bring my pedometer each day to class.  I resolve to start having only one candy a day.  I resolve to share my toys.  I resolve to be a better helper. - Apun

I resolve to read better.  I resolve to stay away from people that do drugs.  I resolve to go to sleep early.  - Meyook

I resolve to be better in math.  i resolve to drink less soda each day.  I resolve to fold my own clothes.  - Toolook

I resolve to get better at math.  I resolve to walk more.  I resolve to take care of my laptop. - Maasak

I resolve to help other students.  I resolve to putting on my pedometer in the mornings.  I resolve to not chip my teeth with hard food and not to rot them with candy. - Nanuq

I resolve to do my best on my math and any other tests.  I resolve to always walk 5,000 steps a day.  I resolve to always take punching class every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays for exercise. - Avu

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to the Arctic

We have a lot of snow and ice.  We have many polar bears.  We eat tuttu (caribou) and whale and many things people from other places might think are strange.  If you were here, I bet you would like it even if it isn't one of your traditions.   We have the perfect size  island for animals to like to come visit. We mostly have polar bears because we have whale bones at the point of our island.

Welcome to Kaktovik

There are many cool things about Kaktovik.  

We have like hundreds of polar bears.  I have seen up to ten polar bears in one day.

One of the kids in my class is a son of one of the whaling captains.  I bet students in the lower 48 don't have somebody like that in their class or get to stand on a whale.

We also have lemmings.  I can see five or more in one day. Would you like to live in a place like this?  I would.  I mean I love to live in this place.  

I would love to be a scientist in Kaktovik, a place where they hunt whales.  Kids like me can get blood samples for the scientists.  We even get to hold the eyeball from the bowhead whale.

A Little About Us

Here in the arctic it isn't always actually that cold!  However, in the winter it can be freezing.  

There are many things to do in Kaktovik.  One example is whaling.  Our whole community helps in the whaling. 

Another thing to do here is watch polar bears up close.  There are so many bears that you could see one the first week you are here.

Kaktovik's school is very protective and educational.  Our teachers are so nice.  Kaktovik is the best place in the world.

Local Animals

We hunt tuttu, also known as caribou, whales, and other kinds of animals like Dall sheep, ducks, and geese.  

We ride out to the whale bones and watch polar bears, also known as nanuqs.  Sometimes the bears come up close to the cars.

Kaktovik Activities

Kaktovik is an interesting place.  

The weather is sometimes very cold.  The snow blows really hard, frost covers the windows, and you better wear really warm clothes.  I can go ski-doo riding.

The weather is sometimes warm.  When it is warm people like to be outside, walk around the village, and ride bikes. 

Polar bears visit Kaktovik.  They like to eat the whale bones.  People like to watch them.

We go whaling every year.  The kids can stand on the whale when it is pulled up, but have to get off when they start butchering it.



Welcome to Kaktovik.  Our village is on Barter Island.  It is on the boarder of the mainland of Alaska and not too far from Canada.

An interesting thing about us is that we can catch whales.  The whales we catch are called Bowhead whales.  We hunt them in the fall.

Another interesting thing we do is ride hondas. During the summer we can ride them late in the night and it will still be light out.  They are fun to ride through town.  In the winter hondas are sometimes used to pull sleds.

Young Whalers by Atqaan

Welcome to Kaktovik where we hunt whales and go fishing.  My dad is the whaling captain of my crew.  I would like to go whaling because it's so exciting.  Before you go you have to learn everything about whaling.  Mostly, kids have to be ten to go whaling.  Even though I won't be exactly ten, I am probably going next year because I am going to be in a big boat.  If you go in a regular sized boat you have to be ten and up.

Barter Island - Cool Place

Barter Island is a very cool place.  Some unique things that happen here is that the lagoons and ocean freeze up and people can walk or snow machine on them.  That is very cool!

Every year some crews go boating out in the arctic ocean to catch whales.  Bowhead whales are very big and I think you would find them interesting to see.  They are also good to eat!  The ocean is very cold and polar bears travel here by swimming in it.  They like to be here during whaling season.

Some people go riding around with trucks down to the dump, over to the whale bones, or by the snow fences and sometimes see polar bears, brown bears, or foxes.  Wouldn't you find that interesting?  I know I do.  

Kaktovik - A Place of Blizzards

Every once in a while, we get a winter blizzards. It's not fun to be in a blizzard.  You might have to stay home and watch your little brothers and sisters. When the storm is over, we have huge drifts.  I bet no other place has drifts as big as we do!

Welcome Earth People

Welcome to the arctic.

Where polar bears roam,
Reindeer sleep,
and foxes hunt.

The coolest things ever happen here.

We have red foxes hunting for food
And polar bears roaming for a new home.

While we are asleep,
The polar bears creep.
While we are indoors cozy,
The red foxes are nosey.

By Avu