Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swimming at HKS

Swimming is a really fun sport because you're in the water feeling good. Our pool has a basketball rim. Most people play on the rim because it is low. The pool height is 3 feet deep. They don't want anyone to drown. -- Atqaan

We went swimming during our Journey to the Center of the Earth celebration. When I got in the pool I felt a chill, but I got used to it in time. I like to dive when I'm still in the water. I love the dolphin dive. I am really good at that one. --Avu

The pool at our school is awesome. We just got a new filter so the pool is clear. When you are in the pool it is super warm. There is a basketball hoop that is about 6 feet tall. The pool is only 3 feet full of water. Sometimes we have dunk contests. We even have 3 point challenges and long range shots. The pool has a lot of things to do. I can even do a back flip two times in a row. --Siliun Jr.

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