Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Flying away from family
Landing in a village
Keeping warm when it’s below zero
Living in a small community

Hanging out at the playground
Learning Inupiaq
Playing in the Little Dribblers’ Tournament
Sledding on snow drifts

Watching whales being butchered
Watching nanuqs at the whale bones
Looking at foxes as they leap into their holes
Chasing lemmings

Walking on the tundra
Racing waves
Fishing on the ice at Ikoagvik Lake
Finding ice cracks

Riding with the dog sled team
Flying in little planes
Snowmobiling on the tundra
Riding Hondas back and forth

Staring at the Eskimo dancers and drummers
Sharing at the feasts
Getting an Eskimo name
Gazing at the beautiful northern lights

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