Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Our boys and girls have worked hard to identify three resolutions, promises, for the new year. Below you will find their resolutions as they relate to academics, healthy lifestyles, and personal goals.

I resolve to never dismiss the importance of reading (Ahluk used one of his vocabulary words, dismiss, in his resolution).  I resolved to eat apples and oranges.  I resolve to do the dishes with my mom. - Ahluk

I resolve to practice to reading better.  I resolve to eat more vegetables.  I resolve to not eat candy for a month! - Kunniaq

I resolve to read everyday.  I resolve to try and bring my pedometer each day to class.  I resolve to start having only one candy a day.  I resolve to share my toys.  I resolve to be a better helper. - Apun

I resolve to read better.  I resolve to stay away from people that do drugs.  I resolve to go to sleep early.  - Meyook

I resolve to be better in math.  i resolve to drink less soda each day.  I resolve to fold my own clothes.  - Toolook

I resolve to get better at math.  I resolve to walk more.  I resolve to take care of my laptop. - Maasak

I resolve to help other students.  I resolve to putting on my pedometer in the mornings.  I resolve to not chip my teeth with hard food and not to rot them with candy. - Nanuq

I resolve to do my best on my math and any other tests.  I resolve to always walk 5,000 steps a day.  I resolve to always take punching class every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays for exercise. - Avu

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