Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mandi's Autobiography

My name Is Mandi. I am an Eskimo and my Eskimo name is Ahparuk. Most adults say they want to be my age, 11. Where I live is cold, small, but beautiful. It is a village, Kaktovik, mostly known as Barter Island. I have two younger siblings. Caitlin is my sister and Marcus is my brother. Would you like to meet my parents? Okay, here they are… Mary is my mom and Michael is my dad. I am the oldest child in my family!

What is your favorite season? Well… my favorite season is summer! I live summer because it is nice and warm. We can do lots of things in the summer like bike riding, Styrofoam boating, and other sorts of stuff! What do you like about summer? I like a lot of things about summer!

I hate it when there are big, I mean a big, copycats. I also hate getting hurt. In 2008 I got in a snowmobile accident! My foot got stuck in the back track of the snowmobile. It hurt like crazy! Well… I never want to get hurt again. Oh yeah, I forgot to say I dislike bullies.

I love going to school. I really enjoy math and writing. I also like working on my laptop. PE is good for me. I am proud to be a Harold Kaveolook School Ram and I can’t wait to play basketball and volleyball in middle school and high school.
When I grow up I’d like to work in an office and be a business person. I love filling out paperwork and organizing things. I like my life in Kaktovik and I’m looking toward the future.

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