Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Atqaan's Weekend

I spent my weekend playing my 360. The games I played were Saints Row 2, which is a mature 17, Kung Fu Panda, Call of Duty 4 online, Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures and Dragon Ball Z.

On Saints Row 2 you have to kill people! It’s super awesome!!! Better then any game in the world…in my opinion. There’s even an activity called crowd control!! On crowd control you have to protect the super star and you have to keep the crazed fans from hurting the super star! If the super star gets hurt too much… you fail!!! There’s even a activity called insurance fraud!!!!

Kung Fu Panda is fun because you fight enemies. Sometimes when you fight them real good you get coins. If you get enough coins you can get a new outfit! There’s even a level where you have to fly away from a big crocodile. It’s scary! Even the crocodile has good moves, man! Better than master cranes!

Call of Duty 4 is my second favorite. It’s almost like Saints Row 2, but different because it’s a war. Call of Duty 4 also has really awesome levels! I hate the first level and the last level. They’re scary! Call of Duty 4 is cool because they have a super humungous war.

The only one I didn’t play this weekend was Extreme Hunting 09! Its super scary! You want to know what you have to do first? I will tell you. First, you have to fight a bear!

I love playing my 360. It is good to play when the weather is cold and you have to stay inside. I love my games and am good at going through the levels.

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