Thursday, February 19, 2009

Arctic Tern Report

Arctic Terns are seabirds. They are use to life by the sea. It lives one summer in the north and one summer in the south. They have the longest migration of any known animal.

Arctic Terns are about 13-15 inches long and they have a wingspan of 26-30 inches. They live a long time, about 30 years. They eat mainly fish. They also eat shrimp, krill, or insects and small invertebrates.

They are mostly gray and white with a red beak and feet. Their head has a black nape and crown, white cheeks, and a white forehead. Their tail is forked. The males and female look very similar.

In the northern summer they are seen along the coast. It breeds in the Arctic. In the southern summer they are at sea, all the way down by the southern edge of the Antarctic ice. They experience more sunlight than any other animal. Arctic Terns usually migrate far offshore. They are rarely seen from land outside except during the breeding season. Arctic Terns hardly ever land, so they eat while they are flying.

By by Kukulan and Ms. Jill

Arctic Terns mate for life. They lay one to three eggs, most often two. They live in big groups called colonies.

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