Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isaiah's Autobiography

My name is Isaiah and my Eskimo name is Atqaan. My age is eight and a half. I was born in Barrow, but live in Kaktovik, Alaska. My siblings are Bo, Clyde, Edna, Cathy, Bryanna, Marianne, and Ruby. I was adopted by Fenton and Elizabeth. I love my families.

My favorite thing to do is play Xbox 360. I am the master at playing it! I am the best in the family. I am the best at all games…in my family. The thing I don’t like to play is board games. They are so boring! They really stink!!

I survived riding a bike and crashed down a really humongous hill! I crashed down with my bike. I had a big bruise and I was bleeding like crazy. It was like getting shot! I was even knocked out. I was really scared. I was injured, but I survived.

I like my life because I live in Kaktovik. My life is like the best ever! My life is exciting. I can do tons of things here. I can slide down hills, hunt, playout, see polar bears, and ride Hondas and Ski-doos.

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  1. You have a lot of siblings! Are you oldest, youngest, or in the middle somewhere?

    I really liked your paragraph about your bike crash! It had so many details. I'm glad you were okay.

    Keep on writing!