Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toolook's Long Weekend

This is how I spent my three-day weekend. I went snow machine riding, saw some friends, and played with Doe-Doe. Also, I visited Isaiah.

I went snow machine riding with my cousin, Doe-Doe. We went all around town. When I was riding I saw Nathaniel and Nicholas. They were pulling a jet sled and Austin was in it. Doe-doe and I saw Nathaniel and Nicholas all over town.

When I stayed up late, Doe-Doe and I played Wii. On the Wii we played Wii Play, Mario, and Sonic at the Olympic games. After playing Wii, I was fixing my hair really funny and weird. It was sticking straight up.

At Isaiah’s house we played his Xbox 360. We played Saints Row Two. We could do a lot of cheats on it. You can get weapons and vehicles. You can turn into a giant and there is this game called Insurance Fraud. When you get hurt you can get a lot of money.

This is how I spent my fun weekend. I went ski-doo riding and hung out with Doe-Doe.I also went to go visit Isaiah. It was great to stay up late and sleep in.

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